Plan Your Visit

Upon your arrival, you will find a welcome basket with a few groceries, fruit, a bottle of wine, and coffee.

Check this link with a beautiful promo film that gives you a clear idea of what you can find near by Casa do Oc:

Nevertheless, before arriving at the house, stop by one of the modern supermarkets located in Reguengos de Monsaraz or Évora and get everything that you may need during your stay at Casa do OC. For basic staples that may be desired on a daily basis, there are several bakeries (paderias) and cheese stores (queijarias) within a five-minute driving distance - Cabeça de Carneiro, Aldeia da Venda, and Aldeia de Pias, are just a few of the local establishments at your disposal. Do not overlook the delicious Alentejano bread, which can be purchased in the village of Baldio. Gasoline/Petrol can be purchased in the neighboring village of Pias, or along the national highway EN256, but please make note that these stations are only open during daytime hours.

Please feel free to use any of our four (4) bicycles, as they are an ideal way to access local shops or simply to explore the surrounding area.

The vicinity around Casa do ÓC offers many rich touristic opportunities as well as leisure activities, including boat rides on Lake Alqueva, horseback riding, or day trips to such emblematic villas as Alandroal, Terena, Monseraz, Reguengos, Mourão, and Aldeia da Luz. The Spanish border is, likewise, nearby.

Aside from daytime activities, there is also an assortment of things to do at night, namely stargazing, which according to some specialists in the area is an experience not to be missed. For this reason, Casa do OC has a telescope on hand for your use and enjoyment.

Should you desire an alternative to cooking at home, please note that in the surrounding area, there are some of the best Alentejano restaurants in the region, where one can sit comfortably while listening to traditional Alentejano song and dance while partaking of the regional epicurean delicacies. Alentejano wine is irresistible and widely recognized throughout Portugal for its superb quality, but please keep in mind to not drink and drive! Once you've made your reservation at Casa do OC, we would be more than happy to share with you lots of other recommendations and insider tips, so that you plan accordingly and make the most of your holiday.